Why Vinyl Flooring Is Superior

What Is Luxury Vinyl

We have seen many innovative floor types released into the industry. Many of them have tried to imitate the look of natural wood and have come close. 

Through our twenty years of flooring experience, we have found that luxury vinyl imitates the look of real wood the best. 

Luxury vinyl planks have evolved into one of the best imitations of a hardwood floor.

It is known for providing tons of dimension and realism. 

Through the years, companies have been making luxury vinyl with great grain variation and plank separation. 

This helps every plank look unique to itself and provides a much more realistic look. 

The other great characteristic about luxury vinyl is that it’s waterproof and can take tons of liquid spills and accidents. 

Having a realistic floor that is durable will transform the flooring in your home. 

Today we will go over why luxury waterproof vinyl is a great product and how you can take care of it.

Luxury Vinyl Benefits

Luxury vinyl planks are known for providing a very durable foundation on the floor.  

It is a material that can take all types of furniture sets. 

Luxury vinyl is very resistant to scratches and is great for all types of traffic and furniture. 

Installing a floor of this caliber will prepare your home for any event. 

Luxury vinyl Versus liquid spills

Luxury waterproof vinyl cleans very easily with liquid spills.   

Many different types of liquids will fall upon your flooring with time. 

If the liquid is acidic or sugary and leaves a residue on the floor, use some water with a towel and get rid of the residue. 

This will prevent your flooring from staining and discoloring. 

Due to the waterproof nature of the flooring, it will dry perfectly fine.

Vinyl is softer on your knees

Luxury vinyl is known for being softer than tile and wood. This will protect our knees with the long years of walking. 

Having a floor that provides a soft foundation will provide great comfort in your home.

Luxury vinyl versus humid biomes

Our store is based in South Florida and we are known for having extreme humidity compared to other biomes.

This fluctuation of humidity can put great stress on your home.

Having a solid floor that is not affected by everyday weather fluctuations is extremely important.

Luxury vinyl will not shrink and expand as real wood does with humidity. You will also not have to worry about the luxury vinyl warping like wood does with humidity and time. 

Vinyl will take floods

Floods are also very common in low-elevation homes.

Having a floor that is prepared for the worst circumstances will leave you with one last thing to worry about. 

If a flood occurs it’s important to lift the planks and dry the whole room to prevent any liquid from seeping under the floor. 

This will also prevent moss from growing and ruining the foundation of your home.

Luxury waterproof vinyl is eco friendly

We live in a world where many companies are preparing for a sustainable future.

It’s refreshing to see vinyl floor companies innovate on the manufacturing process of the flooring. 

These companies are striving to lower chemical use and emissions in the manufacturing process. Many manufacturers have gotten the manufacturing of luxury vinyl down to a science. 

Tons of luxury vinyl is green guard certified. This means it produces some of the lowest chemical emissions during the manufacturing process.

This can result in cleaner air for us all to breathe and enjoy.

Luxury vinyl has great warranties

Due to the luxury vinyl being very durable you can expect great warranties. 

We have seen warranties on flooring that include lifetime residential and 15-year commercial use.

Companies that have great warranties are very confident in their products. 

This is something to take into consideration when looking for the right luxury vinyl flooring line.

Vinyl Decor Options

Luxury vinyl flooring is known for providing tons of different styles for all homes.

We have seen tons of color experimentation through the years, and have seen a style for every home decor. 

Colors for traditional style homes

Traditional-style homes never go out of style. It’s the roots of all art styles and can be exaggerated by selecting certain colors. 

The most common colors we have seen in traditional-style homes consist of browns and beiges. We have also seen luxury vinyl lines use the blending of both of these colors. 

Colors for modern style homes

The Modern art style in homes is always evolving. Certain colors are known for going in and out of style with the years. We have seen luxury vinyl lines push for innovation within their modern colors. 

At the moment, the most common colors we have sold in modern homes consist of grays and beiges. 

We have seen many vinyl lines use the blending of these colors to open up the color scheme in modern homes.

Colors for transitional style homes

Transitional style homes are known for blending the arts of traditional and modern styles. 

Transitional decors are very easy to match flooring colors to. We have seen a wide variety of color choices used in these homes. 

We’ve laid down flooring with browns, beiges, and grays in transitional-style homes.

At the moment these are the most used colors in the luxury vinyl lines and it should be very easy to get something that works great with your transitional decor. 

Maintaining Vinyl

The floor is the first spot in our home that is known for attracting dirt. 

It is extremely important to regularly clean our floors to prevent dirt from seeping into the grooves and variations in our luxury vinyl flooring. 

We recommend mopping and vacuuming the floor regularly to keep your floors spotless and vibrant. 

With mopping make sure not to use treated dust mops, and with vacuuming make sure to use the floor mode only. This will prevent the floor from scratching prematurely. 

We recommend vacuuming the floor once a week and giving the floor a mopping once every two weeks

How to treat liquid spills

Spills are impossible to avoid in a household. There will be a time when a liquid spill will occur upon our flooring. 

When a spill occurs it’s important to attack it immediately. This will prevent liquids from seeping through the planks and getting into the foundation of your home. 

Cleaning spills quickly can also save your home from developing moss under the floor where the liquid spilled occurred.

Drying the floor at the moment of the spill can also save your floor from any discoloration that may occur from acidic liquids.

Vinyl floor Is Durable

Luxury waterproof vinyl is a very durable floor that can provide immense beauty and realism. 

We have transformed many homes with luxury vinyl due to the floor being durable, waterproof, and soft on the knees. 

If you choose to go with vinyl, the floors in your home will pop and be extremely equipped for all types of traffic.