Area Rug Size Guide

Common Rug Sizes

Choosing the correct area rug size will transform your home in ways that can’t be described.  

Every home has different setups and requires different sizing. 

To understand sizing we must first learn what is available to us in the market. 

Every area rug manufacturer has its standard sizes to choose from.  

Today we will go over the most common setups we have come across, and how we go about choosing the correct area rug sizes available to us.

Common rectangular area rug sizes 

The most common standard rectangular sizes range from 2’x3′ feet to 12’x15′ feet. 

The most common sizes in that range are 2’x3′, 3’x5′, 4’x6′, 5’x8′, 6’x9′, 8’x10′, 8’x11′, 9’x12′, 10’x14′, and 12’x15′ foot sizes. 

This will give tons of options for all room setups. 

Common round area rug sizes

Rounds are also common among area rug lines. 

The most common sizes you can find in rounds range from 3-foot to 12-foot rounds. 

The sizes that are most common in that range are 3-foot rounds, 5-foot rounds, and 8-foot rounds. 

Custom area rug lines are known for carrying the bigger  9′ to 12-foot sizes.

Common area rug runner sizes 

Runners are also another category of sizes that are available among rug lines.

They are known for coming in all different sizes.  

The most common width you will come across in runners range from 2′ to 4 feet. The most common lengths you will find in runners start at 6 feet and go up to 8 feet. 

However, if you need longer you can always find great flexibility in custom area rug lines that allow you to make your dream size.

Family/Living Room Size Guide

Living and family rooms are the most important rooms in our home. 

These rooms are seen and utilized by all. 

Having a rug that will compliment your room setup will leave you comfortable and satisfied with your size selection.

Common family/living room furniture setups

We have come across many setups in homes. 

The most common setups consist of two couches or a sectional, accent chairs, and a coffee table of some sort. 

Having all this big furniture in one room can take up a lot of floor space. 

To combat this it’s important to find an area rug size that can set the foundation for the floor and bring the room decor together. 

Common area rug sizes for family/living rooms

The most common recommended sizes for family and living rooms are 8’x10′, 8’x11′, and  9’x12′ foot rugs. 

These sizes usually provide tons of floor room for all types of living and family room setups. 

However, We have seen cases where a bigger rug is required as well.

In this scenario, we would recommend area rug sizes such as 10’x14′, and 12’x15′. 

When choosing the right size, aim for the biggest area rug size your room can take. It will make your room look much bigger and bolder. 

Alternative area rug sizes for family/living rooms

If a room does not allow for an 8’x10′ we would advise you to aim for at least a 6’x9′ or 5’x8′ foot rug. 

Anything smaller will not compliment the big furniture surrounding it.

Bed Room Rug Size Guide

Master bedrooms are where we sleep and start our days. 

Having a rug that provides comfort while roaming your room is a life changer. 

Our beds and furniture take up a lot of floor space. 

To combat this it’s important to get an area rug big enough to cover the floor that is not already covered by your bed and furniture. 

Area rug size reccomendations for king beds 

Bed sizes are all different in homes. 

Your bed size will determine what area rug size you need. 

The first setup we will talk about is a king-size bed. 

The areas we focus on covering consist of the sides and front of the bed.  

At the smallest, you will want a 9’x12′ foot rug for a king-size bed. 

This will provide you with a good amount of uncovered rug to walk on in the key areas of your room. 

Area rug set-up under king size bed 

When laying the rug we like to put the rug going wide ways. 

This means the 12-foot side will be going with the width of the bed, while the 9-foot side will be covering the length of the bed. 

If your room can take it, go bigger with the size. 

We have laid 10’x14′ and 12’x15′ foot rugs under king-size beds and have had great results.

Area rug size recommendations for queen beds 

The next most common-sized bed we put area rugs under is a queen size. 

Our rug size recommendations would be 8’x10′, 8’x11′, and 9’x12′ foot rugs. 

This will make sure you have a nice amount of rug showing on all sides of the bed. 

If your bedroom allows for a bigger size aim for a 9’x12′, it will look grand.

Area rug set-up under queen size bed 

We recommend laying the rug wide ways under the bed. 

This will give you a nice amount of rug to step out of bed onto.  

The three rug setup for master bedrooms

Through our time with laying area rugs, we have done many different setups. 

One unique setup that is commonly done with queen and king-size beds is the three rug set up. This consists of two runners and a 5×8 foot rug. 

To do this we recommend looking for a runner size that closely relates to the length of the bed. 

Usually, a 2’x6′ to 2’x8′ foot runner will do the trick.

Then with the uncovered floor in front of the bed, you can put a 4’x6′ to 5’x8′ foot rug. 

This size choice depends on how much space there is to work with. 

This setup allows for great flexibility with designing.

Area Rug Size Guide For Doors

The front door is the first place guests see and walk into while visiting your house. 

Having an entrance rug can provide a sense of comfort and design upon entry. 

Having the correct size that works with your entrance can greatly enhance your home decor.

Double door area rug sizes 

Double door entrances are a very common setup for a front door. 

Having an area rug size that complements the size of the two giant doors will give a great sense of depth. 

The most common size we recommend for a double-door entrance is a 4’x6′ foot rug. 

We advise laying this rug wide ways so the 6-foot side goes with the width of the door. 

This will give you full coverage on both doors upon entry. 

Single door area rug sizes

Single door entries are another very common setup In homes.  

Every entry is different and requires a different size rug. 

The most common sizes we sell for single door setups are 2’x3′, 2’x4′, and 3’x5′ foot rugs. 

The rule of thumb would be to aim for the biggest size rug you can place in the front door area. 

Alternative shaped rugs for front entrances

Another very common shape that is used for front doors is a round rug. 

This can make the front door area look very luxurious. 

The most common round sizes we recommend are 3′, 4′, and 5-foot rugs. 

With this setup aim for the biggest round size that your front door area allows for. 

Hallway Area Rug Size Guide

Hallways are an area of the home that has always benefited from a nice area rug. 

An area rug can even help with the natural acoustics in the hall. 

The most common size we put in hallways are runners that are 2′ to 3′ feet wide and extend 6′-10′ feet in length. 

You want to aim for a runner that is the length of the hall. 

Dining Room Area Rug Sizes

Dining room tables are utilized by families all around the world. 

Having a rug that holds down the table and protects our precious food will let us eat safely and comfortably. 

All dining room setups are unique and consist of different table shapes and sizes. 

Today we will recommend area rug sizes for the most common dining room setups. 

Area rug size for a four chair table

Four chair tables are a very common size in all homes. 

Having a rug that will give you space to eat and sit your chair on will make you feel comfortable and safe. 

For a four-chair rectangular table, we would recommend an 8’x10′ foot rug at the smallest. You want to aim to have at least two feet of space behind your chair. 

This will make sure you’re able to sit and eat without your chair being half on and off of the area rug. 

Area rug size for a round four chair table

Rounded four chair tables are also very common in people’s homes. 

Every round table is different, but the most common sizes we recommend are 6′-8′ foot round rugs. 

You want to have at least 2 feet of space behind the chair you sit in.

Area rug size for a six chair table

Six chair rectangular tables begin to become bigger and take up more space. 

To combat this, it’s important to get a rug that provides 2′ feet of space from the chair’s back legs. 

For a six-chair table, we recommend aiming for 8’x11′ to 9’x12′ foot area rugs. 

This will provide a safe ground to hold the heavy furniture that we all have in our dining rooms.

Area rug size for an eight chair table

Eight chair rectangular tables require a massive foundation to lay on. If the rug size is not big enough it can quickly get eaten by the furniture.

For an eight chair table, we recommend going with a 9’x12′ foot area rug at the smallest.

Area rug size for a ten chair table

Ten chair tables need a foundation to hold a crowd worth of food and people. 

At the smallest, we recommend going with a 10’x14′ foot rug. 

This size should provide a good amount of floor coverage for all 10 chairs to remain on the carpet when pulled out.

Rug Size Is Very Important 

This area rug size guide was made to make you feel confident with your sizing decisions. 

It is important to get a rug size that suits our homes in the most elegant way.