How To Maintain Area Rugs

Maintaining our Rugs

Area rugs can provide a sense of comfort and beauty in your homes. Maintaining our area rugs can give us more years with our beloved rugs. 

Taking care of the rug throughout its life will always leave it looking like the day you bought it. 

Maintaining it can avoid common problems such as discoloration and matting of the fibers. 

Each rug fiber must be cleaned and maintained in a specific way. 

In this guide, we will go over the most common fibers and how to maintain them. 

Polyester Area Rugs

Polyester is one of the most used fibers in the industry.

It is known for producing a rug that is more affordable but wears well with time.

The great thing about polyester is that it’s very easy to maintain. 

You will also find tons of stain removers on the market that work great with polyester. 

Vacuum your polyester rug regularly

With polyester, it’s important to vacuum the rug. This will keep the fibers from matting over time. 

Vacuuming will also lift any dirt before it settles in the rug and becomes harder to get out.

We recommend vacuuming the rug once a week. 

This will leave your rug looking like the day you bought it 

A pad will protect your rug

Having a Pad to protect the backing of your rug and hold it in place can make your rug last for years. 

The denser the pad the more protection there is. 

Spot cleaner for polyester rugs 

Due to the fiber being man-made, there are many spot cleaners on the market that work with polyester. 

Our favorite is a product called “spot shot instant carpet stain remover”.

We have had great results with this cleaner and it is very good at removing black dirt marks.

Treating spills on polyester rugs 

Spills are very common in everyone’s homes and knowing how to treat these accidents on the spot will prevent your rug from getting ruined. 

The most common spills we hear about consist of juice and wine. These are elements that are very acidic and require special attention to completely remove them from the rug pile. 

As soon as the spill occurs we recommend pouring sparkling water with no sugar on the spill and letting it Soak into the rug. After 15 seconds take a towel and dab it dry. 

Do not rub it in because you could push the spilled substance deeper into the rug pile. 

Once it’s dabbed dry repeat the steps above if needed. If the stain persists go in with some spot shot to get out more of the stain out.

Professionally hand clean your polyester rug

Getting your area rugs professionally hand washed is very important for keeping the rug smelling and feeling clean. 

Through years of sitting, the rug can pick up tons of dirt and dust.  

This can lead to the rug looking discolored and feeling less soft and clean.

A hand cleaning will bring out the original colors and feel of the fibers, resulting in an almost new-looking rug. 

We recommend doing a professional hand washing every two years. This will maximize your rug’s life and leave it looking very clean through time.

If you are interested in a professional area rug cleaning, please call or visit our showroom. 

Nylon Area Rugs 

Nylon is a fiber that is known for being very durable and easy to keep clean. 

Nylon rugs can be as durable as high-grade wool rugs. 

Knowing how to maintain your nylon rug will make it last for decades. 

Vacuum your nylon rug regularly

It’s very important to not let dirt seep into your nylon rug. 

Vacuuming your rug regularly will keep the fibers feeling soft and clean. 

We recommend vacuuming your rug at least once a week.

Padding is a necessity

Padding will hold down your nylon rugs so no shifting or sliding occurs. Padding also helps keep area rugs from creasing. 

Our double stick pad grips the rug and floor to combat the creasing and movement.

Call us today to get your pad.

Spot cleaners for nylon area rugs

Nylon is a fiber that is great with all types of cleaners. 

We’ve had great results with a cleaner called spot shot.

It can get out tons of dirt marks that appear on the pile.

How to treat a spill on a nylon area rug

Spills are very common on our rugs and attacking the spill immediately is very important. 

Pouring zero sugar sparkling water onto the spill will lift any tough acidic stains. After it settles for a moment, dab the spill gently with a towel to dry the area.

Professionally hand wash your nylon area rug 

To protect the integrity of your nylon rug it’s important to get it professionally hand washed every 2 years. 

This will lift any dirt that is buried deep beneath the rug pile. This could avoid tragedies such as moss growing on the bottom of an area rug. 

To get your rug washed please call or visit our showroom today.

Wool Area Rugs

Wool rugs are known for providing the most durable rug piles in the industry.   

You can find some of the densest piles among wool rug lines. 

Maintaining your wool rug will leave it looking like the day you bought it.

Vacuuming your wool rug is important

Wool is a beautiful natural fiber that provides great soft piles with vibrant colors. 

One of the most common characteristics of wool is shedding. 

It’s important to aid the wool rug in its shedding process. To do this we recommend vacuuming the rug at least once a week. 

This will make sure the rug sheds less with time.

Rug padding will protect your wool rug

Even though wool is known for having thick dense piles, it’s very important to lock the rug down in place with a rug padding. 

This not only protects the backing of the rug but can avoid creases from rug movement.

How to spot clean wool rugs 

Wool is a natural fiber that takes proper care when treating spots. 

We recommend using a light detergent like wool light for any little dirt marks.

How to treat spills on wool rugs

Spills are impossible to avoid. There will be a time in your rug’s life when the rug gets exposed to acidic liquids. 

Once a spill occurs it’s important to attack it immediately.

Grab a bottle of sparkling water and pour it onto the spill. Let the liquid sit for a few moments, then proceed to dab it dry with a towel.

Make sure not to dab too hard because you could potentially push the liquid deeper into the pile.

Get Your wool rugs hand-washed

Its very important to get wool rugs professionally hand washed every two years. 

Wool is a natural fiber and it is known for providing thick piles. 

These thick piles are known for encasing dirt in them, and not cleaning every fiber to its fullest could result in a rug that is discolored and unconditioned. 

A rug cleaning will soften the natural fibers and make the fiber shine like the day you bought it. Being consistent with the professional rug cleanings will keep your rug looking new. 

Call us today to clean your beautiful wool rug.

Viscose Area Rugs

Viscose rugs are becoming very common in today’s industry. You can find it blended with fibers such as wool and polyester.

Viscose is known for providing a beautiful natural sheen with a soft touch.

However, viscose is one of the frailest fibers in the industry. 

Knowing how to care for this fiber will keep the fiber bright and soft.

Vacuuming viscose is important

It’s important to vacuum the fiber to keep it pile dirt free. This will also prevent your rug from matting flat over time. 

We recommend vacuuming the rug at least once a week.

Rug padding protects your viscose rugs

Viscose rugs are known for being more fragile. If not protected, your viscose rug could prematurely wear down with time. 

Putting a pad will relieve the rug of everyday wear. 

This will give you more years with your beautiful viscose rug.

How to treat liquid spills on a viscose rug 

The Viscose fiber is known for not being able to take liquid spills. If liquids come in contact with the fiber the viscose could harden up and become discolored. 

If you spill a liquid quickly dab it dry with a towel to prevent any further damage.

Get your viscose rugs hand-washed

Since viscose is a very fragile fiber and can’t be cleaned with everyday cleaning products, it’s important to get it hand washed. This will keep your rug from becoming matted and discolored. 

We recommend getting the rug cleaned as soon as the fibers start to look dirty or discolored. 

This fiber benefits from frequent cleanings.

Weaved/knotted Rugs

Unique rug piles such as loop knots and tight waves require special care. 

Most of these rugs are made from wool and will require special care.

Vacuum your rug regularly

It’s very important to vacuum these rugs to lift any dirt that could get caught in the loops and knots. 

These piles are very unique looking and are more prone to rips and tears in the knots and weaves. 

To vacuum this rug safely, we recommend using the floor mode on the vacuum. 

This will ensure the vacuum doesn’t pull on any of the knotted fibers. Aim to vacuum the rug once a week.

Rug padding will protect the fragile knots and loops

Having a rug pad under your rug will protect the backing of your rugs. 

Knots and loops are known for being more fragile. Putting a layer of protection on the backing can greatly increase the life of your rug. 

How To treat ripped loops and knots

Loop and knotted piles are prone to tearing with time. 

When you see a loop ripped, take the end of the fiber and clip it with a pair of scissors from the root. 

Make sure to use caution and accuracy to avoid cutting any other loops.

How To treat spills

Wool is a fiber that is very easy to maintain with liquid spills. 

When a spill occurs, take a bottle of sparkling water and pour it onto the spill. After 15 seconds take a towel and dab it softly to dry the area. 

Professionally hand wash your knotted rugs

Professionally hand washing your area rugs will make your rug look alive. This will also protect it from matting down prematurely. 

We recommend getting this rug style hand washed every two years. 

Call or visit our showroom today to get started. 

Extend Our Rugs Life

All Of the methods described today will leave your rug looking clean and feeling soft.