Finding The Right Area Rug Style For Your Home Decor

The Area Rug Market

The area rug market has evolved for over 5000 years. Through time you can find rugs that correlate to the style and decor that was popular at the time.

Over the last few decades, we have been able to see what styles have stayed relevant to the test of time.  

Our most popular styles of rugs are traditional, transitional, modern, Art Deco, and textured/solid colored rugs.

These rug styles have been around for decades and still produce beautiful designs. 

Today we will go over each style and tell you what’s available on the market for each. 

Traditional Area Rugs

Traditional rugs have been around since the beginning. You will find traditional art styles from all around the world. 

These rugs are known for being of the highest quality and are made from the highest wool grades.

Tons of these rugs are even handmade, which makes them one of a kind and unique. 

Through time the traditional designs never went out of style, and you can see the present market taking inspiration from these traditional arts.

Whats available in the traditional rug market

You can find traditional rugs in almost any rug line these days. They come in tons of different fibers and price ranges as well. 

If you’re looking for something more affordable that will last some good years go for a polyester traditional rug.

If you want the toughest fiber in the industry, go for a traditional rug made from New Zealand wool. 

If you are looking for some pop, there are traditional rugs that have fibers such as silk and viscose which provide a beautiful natural sheen.

Traditional rugs in custom lines

The Traditional style of rugs is highly produced in custom lines. 

Some of the most unique designs are made with traditional roots in today‚Äôs custom market.  

Transitional Rugs

The next style has been our most sold style for years now. Transitional rugs are made by artists blending contemporary art styles with traditional roots.

This blend of styles has created some of the most unique designs in the market to date.

Transitional rugs are very easy to fit in with tons of different decors.

Due to the versatility that transitional rugs provide, you can see a wide variety of colors, styles, and fibers across this rug type. 

Whats available in the transitional rug market

Lots of transitional rugs can be found in all types of fibers ranging from wool, polyester, and viscose. 

Since transitional art is very In style, you will find tons of great polyester rugs at a fair price. 

You can also find some of the highest quality wool in transitional styles. 

If you are looking for your transitional rug to shine and pop off the floor, get one with some viscose in it. This fiber provides a natural sheen that shines from all directions. 

Common colors in transitional rug lines

Some of the most common colors you will find in transitional rug lines range from blues, grays, and beiges.

Contemporary rugs 

The contemporary art style has produced some of the most jaw-dropping designs through time.

It takes influence from all types of art styles, making it a very versatile art form.

In recent years we have seen a ton of contemporary lines go into free-flow art, this is where the design looks like water flowing.

Contemporary lines are also known for incorporating beautiful bold primary colors. This makes it very easy to find the unique accent colors you’re looking for in your rug. 

What’s available in the Contemporary rug market

Contemporary rugs are widely available across all lines in the industry. 

The most common fibers you will find in contemporary rugs are wool, viscose, and polyester.

If you go with wool try to aim for high-quality wool grades such as New Zealand wool. 

Having a great wool grade will make sure your rug sheds minimally and lasts very long. 

If you are looking for something more affordable go for a rug with polyester in it. 

Try to Aim for polyester rugs from Belgium, turkey, or India. 

Common colors in contemporary rug lines

Some of the most used color schemes in contemporary rugs consist of grays, beiges, and primary accent colors.  

Art Deco area rugs 

One of the most sold rug styles through time is art deco rugs. This art style is truly unique in itself. 

It is known for combining tons of geometric shapes to make very unique designs. 

This art style started in the early 1900s and took influence from Egyptian motifs. Some of the biggest cities that have incorporated the art deco style of art are New York and London. 

Common colors in Art Deco rug lines

You will find some of the boldest colors in art deco rugs. 

Since the art style consists of geometric shapes you will find tons of huge shapes filled with beautiful primary colors.

Home decors that art deco rugs work with 

Due to the use of big bold shapes and colors, art deco rugs work great with modern decors. 

Art deco rugs are also great for introducing accent colors to your home.

Fibers that art deco rugs are made from

The most common fibers you will find across all art deco lines are polyester and wool. 

We have seen some of the thickest wool piles across art deco area rug lines.

Solid/textured rugs

The industry is always evolving to people’s wants and needs, and through time there has been an influx in the need for solid colored and textured area rugs. 

What are textured area rugs

Textured area rugs have unique piles such as loop knots and tight weaves.

Solid Rug fiber availability 

Solid color rugs come in tons of different fibers. You can find solid-colored rugs made from wool, nylon, polyester, and viscose. 

We recommend wool and nylon for solid-colored rugs due to the durability they provide. They are also very easy to keep clean. 

Textured Rug fiber availability 

The most common fiber that is used on textured piles is wool. 

Wool will provide the durability needed to hold the tight knots and loops.

How to obtain solid colored nylon rugs

Nylon is the material that is used in high-end wall-to-wall carpeting. In recent years carpeting manufacturers have started making custom area rugs from their carpeting. 

You can order beautiful solid-colored nylon piles across these carpeting lines. 

To view a great selection of nylon carpeting that can be made into an area rug, visit our showroom.

A style for everyone

These styles will give you the tools you need to tackle all decors. All these styles have been around for decades and are here to stay. 

If you are going for a modern decor, you will have tons of great options. Modern decors benefit from rugs in the contemporary, transitional, art deco, solid-colored, and textured rug styles.

If you have more of a traditional style, go for a transitional or traditional rug. 

Things to take into consideration

When choosing your rug make sure to know what your in need of.

If your rug will be in a heavy traffic area, aim for rugs that are made from wool. This will give you the durability needed for heavy traffic.

If you are looking for something more affordable go for a polyester rug. Polyester will give you a rug that wears better than fibers such as viscose and will be easy to keep clean.